21 June 2022

Dear Students, Parents and Community.

Assalamu Alaikum

It is a great privilege and honour to be a part of supporting young minds in their pursuit towards academic excellence. Excellence that entails both their social and emotional needs to become confident and resilient individuals that will be of benefit in this world.

Term 2 has come to an end, and I’d like to take this opportunity to run through the amazing work and progress we have achieved as a school. Firstly, the Eid Festival that was organised and run by our incredible high school students was a great success Alhamdulillah! Students were given the opportunity to celebrate and get together to mark the ending of the blessed month of Ramadan.

We also appreciate and acknowledge all NAPLAN students that have successfully completed their tests during the challenging times of COVID. We recognise your efforts and dedication and give all credits. Likewise, to our devoted staff, we cannot convey our gratitude enough to the way you go over and beyond to meet our students’ needs.  It is a pleasure working with such a committed team.

As for our Student Leadership Team, students were granted the opportunity to develop leadership skills on which to build a learning experience that will help them prosper throughout life Inshallah. With the support of our dedicated staff, we strived to meet the educational challenges faced by students through creating an environment that instils purpose whilst encouraging innovative ideas.

Great schools are a shared responsibility. Each member of our community is a learner, and each member is a teacher. We are fortunate at Dianella Campus to have a strong community and family involvement that ensures students are provided with higher standards of learning and are continually fostered with the best quality education.

We look forward to continuing the partnership with our devoted staff, families, and the broader community for our students to achieve the success we pursue. 

I invite prospective parents and students to visit our school and to take the opportunity to experience firsthand what makes AIC Dianella so special.

May Allah (swt) protect and bless you all.