22 June 2022

The Student Leadership Team consists of student representatives from our school who aim to embrace and model all values and expectations of our school culture. It is an opportunity for students to grow and flourish in roles of responsibility and act as a point of liaison for the student body.

After a thorough application process, our high school cohort was given the opportunity to vote for their student representatives. The positions were awarded as follows:

  • School Captain/SRC President – Rokaya Al Shaibani Year 10
  • Vice School Captain/SRC Vice President – Fatima Al Modaffer Year 10
  • SRC Secretary – Daania Siddiqui Year 8
  • SRC Events Officer – Ifrah Abdullahi Year 10
  • SRC Events Officer – Lenah Hamid Year 8
  • Mamluks Captain – Raneem Ahmed Year 9
  • Mamluks Vice Captain – Abdullahi Abdirahman Year 7
  • Rashidun Captain – Narjes Rahimi Year 9
  • Rashidun Vice Captain – Zaynab Ali Year 9
  • Ottomans Captain – Zahraa Ramozi Year 9
  • Ottomans Vice Captain – Mariam Albustanjy Year 10
  • Qurtuba Captain – Rauba Ahmed Year 9
  • Qurtuba Vice Captain – Miski Hassan Year 10

We look forward to working with them this year. Congratulations to all.