23 June 2022

All praise is due to Allah Ta’aala our Creator Sustainer and Nourisher.

We had a very exciting term at Kewdale Primary that was full of events. The highlight of the term was undoubtedly our Annual Inter Campus Qur’aan recitation contest which was hosted by Kewdale Primary. The event was a great success and the students done excellent in their performance on the day, Alhamdulillah. We pray and hope that the Almighty will accept them to be the servants of Qur’aan InshaAllah and make all our students from the people of the Qur’aan.

The following students were the finalists who made it through the preliminary rounds of testing and represented our campus in the contest. Religion teachers had dedicated a lot of time in testing and helping these students excel in all aspects of Quraan reading. May allah bless all for their efforts. Aameen.

I would like to express my thanks to management for supporting and encouraging such events and to the judges Sh Khaiata, Sh Abdullah Daahi and Sh Muhammad Hassan for attending the event.

  • Year 1 Khadija Hassan
  • Year 2 Nafisa Nur
  • Year 3 Jabir Salam
  • Year 4 Hammaad Haffejee
  • Year 5 Ridwan Abshir Mohamed
  • Year 6 Zakariya Abshir Mohamed

I pray to Allah Almighty to accept all the efforts of one and all.

Abdullah Haffejee

Islamic Studies Department

Kewdale primary