27 June 2022

Alhamdulillah for another wonderful term with the lovely Pre-Primaries.

This term has been filled with many School Events that have enriched our term. The children have worked so hard in all aspects of their learning. It is nice to see them feeling more at ease with the nature of full-time school and excel in their social relationships.


In Pre-Primary, we have adopted the PLD Approach to teaching Phonics which has really assisted in building a solid foundation of sounds. We have begun to consolidate the Letters and Sounds and at the same time began to blend and segment simple 2-3 letter words. We have focused on Oral Language skills as most if not all students speak English as a second language. To do this, we have adopted “News” where children have a go at speaking to their peers in a more formal setting. “News” builds confidence and encourages the development of grammar as well as vocabulary. It also gives the children an avenue to express themselves. The topics we have explored this term were aimed at developing their Descriptive Language.


We also officially visited the Library this term. We made our very own Library Bags and we also got to borrow books. We are teaching the children responsibility by taking the books home for shared reading, learning how to turn the pages, and also bringing the book and bag back to school on the correct day.


In Numeracy, children are still learning the Numbers 0-20 and how to write them accurately. We have been focused on counting and representing quantities up to 20 and ensuring that we can touch and count the correct amount. We also introduced 3D shapes, the children have been practicing their cutting and folding skills by making a 3D shape using the net provided. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about shapes in a hands-on way as well as further developing their fine motor skills.


This term we are exploring Physical Sciences- movement and materials. We explored different ways people and animals can move. We also researched the different types of materials and their attributes. The Pre-Primaries investigated how we move in the playground. They observed their friend doing different things in the playground and recorded the different body parts used to create this movement.

The Arts: Drama

Our focus in The Arts this term is Drama. Children learn the different skills of Drama such as using Voice and Movement. We have participated in many learning experiences that practice these skills like Animal Walk, Facial Expressions, integrating and making actions for the Nasheed- Allah made everything. We are also exploring Tableau or Freeze Frames, as a photograph that tells a story. Children focus on the beginning, middle and end and have to change their actions and expressions for each frame.

Specialist Classes

Physical Education

This has been an Active term for the Pre-Primary children! Sr Nuria has organised a 4-week Footy Clinic for the children where they learn the rules of the game, the skill of footy and how to play together in a team. We have unfortunately had to miss a few sessions due to the rain but will pick it back up before the term ends InshaAllah.

Fun Run

We also participated in our Annual Fundraising event: The Fun Run around Tomato Lake. Children raised funds for the school through sponsorship from their friends and family and win a prize! It was a lovely morning with beautiful weather, for our walk around Tomato Lake.

Early Childhood Sports Carnival

We also had the Early Childhood Sports Carnival that is a great pre-cursor to our Athletics Carnival at the end of the year. The Pre-Primary children had running races and participated in an Egg and Spoon Race, Bean Bag Race and Flag Race.


Constable Care Incursion

We had an amazing experience at the Constable Care Incursion at our school. The topic we engaged with was about First Aid Emergencies. We were treated to a puppet show that discussed different scenarios where an emergency can occur. We learnt to speak to an adult and dial 000 in the event of an emergency. The incursion was extremely engaging and interactive.

Eid Festival

We were so excited for the much anticipated Eid Festival which took place this term. The Pre-Primaries had an Animal Farm and some Bouncy Castles. We also set up some activities for the students and our very own Pre-Primary Teachers provided Face painting to the children. They had a wonderful time and always enjoy petting and feeding the cute, cuddly animals.

It has been wonderful being able to connect with the parents again as the school opened its doors with eased restrictions. It is always so important for parents and teachers to build a strong relationship to support the needs of the children. Thank you to all the parents for connecting with us on this journey for their child’s success.

With that, we have come to the end of the First Semester of Pre-Primary and what a journey it has been. The next semester will be about learning more skills, consolidating and extending knowledge as well as deepening relationships built.

Semester 2, we are ready for you!

Pre-Primary Team