27 June 2022

We started Term 2 with a bang right after the blessed month of Ramadan! The Year 1s were busy learning and exploring and became more independent and responsible citizens of our school.

Let us take a sneak peek on what they did this term:

Eid Poster and Cards

The students were extremely excited about Eid and made Eid cards for their family, friends or teachers. They created their Eid cards and posters using different words, pictures, paints, pencil, markers and crayons. The cards and posters were displayed on the classroom windows and they took a lot of pride to view and share their thoughts about the cards and posters!

Morning Fitness

Maintaining good health and fitness is important at any age.  Not only does it improve overall physical wellbeing, but it also improves mental health too!  We got our Year 1s started early in life on good health and fitness habits. 

SSEND teacher visits Year 1A:

A teacher from School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory (Department of Education, Statewide Services) visited the Year 1A class. Ms Bron read a light-hearted book to the children and  highlighted the value of effective communication.


In Term 2 we celebrated the hard work and talent of our year 1 students in the core subjects as well as for Quran and Islamic Studies. These are the top 3 positions from the Year 1 cohort Ma Sha Allah!


  • 1st Ama Amanful;
  • 2nd Syed Hashir Ali;
  • 3rd Bareerah Abdullah Haffejee


  • 1st Nubair Hassan;
  • 2nd Omar Ali;
  • 3rd Talal Bin Abid


  • 1st Tobias Mahoney;
  • 2nd Norah Lugumaan;
  • 3rd Shaheer Aijazi


Narrative writing: In writing we have been learning about the narrative structure. We have been using the 7 steps to learn how to piece together our own writing. Be careful parents – the children are superstars! I am sure they will surprise you with their awesome piece of narrative writing!


A lot of focus has been given on reding this term. We follow the Sharp Reading  procedure. It is a teaching and learning framework that provides direction for students and equips them to be SHARP (efficient, cutting edge) in their understanding of reading. Sharp Reading allows students to think while reading in order to unpack and understand text and then answer the comprehension questions. This has been our daily morning routine since term 1 with the year 1 students.


We have had an exciting and hands on term, exploring and broadening our understanding on the basic concepts such as addition, subtraction, mass, 2D shapes, 3D shapes and more.


In science we focused on physical sciences this term 2. We learnt about the 5 senses and how these senses help us in life. We discussed that Allah is the best of creators and that He has fashioned us in the best form Alhamdullilah.


During HASS we continued to develop both our geographical and historical understanding. In History the children have been learning about the concepts of past, present and future as well as the categorization of time into months and days while in Geography the children explored the use of different spaces, they looked closely at spaces in school like the oval and library and spaces in the community such as parks, shops and the zoo.


In Health we learnt about keeping safe and expressing our emotions in a safe and cohesive way. We also learnt about the importance of eating healthy and keeping fit.


This term we explored the use of drama. We learned about performance skills, including how to express feelings to an audience. We also explored the three element of drama which are voice, movement, and facial expressions and how to respond to drama e.g., audience behavior. Year 1A learnt how to present the nasheed ‘The Arabic Alphabets’ in their drama lessons. They learnt about facial expressions, tone and pitch of your voice to make your presentation enjoyable and to communicate with a large group of audience (both children and adults) in a positive way.

Eid Carnival

The school organised the Eid Carnival whereby our children got to experience the true essence of Eid! It was a day filled with fun and frolic where the little ones enjoyed every moment!