28 June 2022

This term, our year 5 students completed their first NAPLAN tests! We are super proud of the efforts put in from home at school, so we had to celebrate in style.


In numeracy, we have focused our minds on fractions – converting mixed and improper fractions, simplifying and finding the equivalent fraction- as well as exploring the duration of time. Prime maths has also led us down the path to describe locations using grid references on maps.


This term in literacy, we have continued to develop our Narrative and Persuasive writing skills using Seven Steps. Procedure writing and poetry are also some amazing writing genres we have really enjoyed creating. From jelly to chocolate balls, we used various command verbs, adverbial and adjectival phrases to explain how me made these yummy treats!


We have been looking into our rights as children, how to keep safe and create a safe, positive environment. This term, we have looked at the 12 rights we have as children, the benefits of physical exercise and how to get along. These are important things to learn as we grow and start becoming more independent.


This term, we have explored how light travels and how shadows are formed. We are also looking into how periscopes work and will be creating one soon!


This term we focused on Drama elements for art. In class, we explored the story of Sadako and her paper airplanes before creating a short skit based on her story.


In HASS, we focused on Civics and Citizenship. Particularly, what democracy is, how it came to be and the various levels of government and voting systems.