28 June 2022

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Parents

What an eventful term that came along with its own set of challenges and difficulties. Alhamduillah, we have managed to persevere and tackle the challenges head on. In year 6 we focus on preparing students for high school and providing them with the necessary skills that will enable to thrive and succeed in all subject areas.


The Warm-up – 10 mins

Its short, its sweet, it most certainly is effective. What is now a part of our every morning routine. Students start off the morning with literacy warmups that helps develop students’ comprehension skills, vocabulary, creativity and phonics knowledge.

Rotations – 15 mins

It’s a smooth transition from the warm-ups to the rotations activity.  students know exactly where to go and what to do and are immediately on task. Students are divided up into 5 groups each group doing a separate activity with the tasks being rotated everyday. Each week the groups rotate between guided reading, ReadingEggs, complex sentence writing, text exercises and task cards. Each of the activities develop students literacy skills and provides students with a strong foundational knowledge of literature and literacy.

Spelling Mastery – 15 mins

No game can be played without understanding the rules. A well develop textbook that breaks down the most complex rules of the English language into bite size, easy to understand activities. The Spelling Mastery text is an all-in-one pack that focuses on English rules, vocabulary building and phonics knowledge.

Writing – 20 mins

They’re warm, they know the rules they got the tools now its time to play the game. Students were argumentative, definite and very persuasive in their writing. Students argued for against a number of topics such as homework, 4 days schooling, masks mandates and more!


Every lesson begins with a warm-up that cover past mathematical knowledge. We are putting Prime Math to the test. At the Australian Islamic College, we are always looking for the best text for our students. Prime is new to the school but not the world of Mathematics. The students dabbled with fractions, area and perimeter, decimals and percentages, multiplying and dividing decimals. This year we have also incorporated a lesson with rotations that incorporate word-problems, Mathletics and games to demonstrate how math’s is found in all areas of life.


Science this term was electrifying… literarily! Students explored the electrical world and their origins, created circuits both parallel and series and identified multiple sources of electrical energy such as mechanical, hydro, solar and heat. Then explored the journey of electricity from the power plants all the way to our homes.


A topic that covers more than diet and fitness. This term we focused on acceptance and personalities. We are all unique, we are all different and more importantly we all deserved to be treated with integrity and respect, a common theme off the Australian Islamic college. Students explored different personality traits and how we are all a combination of these various skills and qualities.


The federal election was the hot topic of Western Australia as well as the year 6 classroom. Students took a step outside the classroom and into the house of parliament dissecting the upper house, lower house, federal, state and local government from head to toe and built a sound understanding of the roles and duties each of the political powers that run our society.


No, I am not talking about arguments amongst the year 6s. The Oscar nominations will not know what hit them once these students graduate from the fine arts of Australian Islamic college. Students engaged in role play and acting focusing on facial expression, vocals and character presentation. Scripts were planned, written and presented in fine dramatical performances that were deserving of the world stage.

Eid Festival

Why Celebrate it once when you can celebrate it twice with family and peers. You would have mistaken the school for Disneyland with the number of rides and activities on site! Students had a blast and so did the teachers then fueled up with bubble tea and all the delicious food the trucks had to offer.

Fun Run

It was exactly that. Students and teachers got more than their daily 30 with this event. Tomato lake was the venue where some students challenged their peers and teachers for a race while others were happy to smile as they strolled around the lake waving to the Belmont residence as they walked by!