Campus Facilities

Australian Islamic College offers state-of-the-art education facilities to support the learning of our students. In addition to large well-equipped classrooms, the school includes library, gymnasium, basketball courts, soccer field, science labs, art labs, ICT labs, textiles, food science and woodwork lab.


Our school boasts exceptional sporting facilities including a well-equipped and accessible gym. The gym is fully equipped with a variety of full-sized courts such as basketball, netball, futsal, volleyball, hockey, handball, frisbee and badminton. Our gym is stocked with new and top-quality equipment that ensures all students are engaged and have the best opportunity to improve and learn new skills. 

We have a brand-new outdoor soccer field that has FIFA approved synthetic turf installed. This soccer field is a multipurpose field that can be transformed for 11 a side official games all the way to 5 a side game. 


The school library opens from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

At AIC we believe literacy is essential to children’s development. We aim to foster a love of reading in all students by providing a diverse array of reading materials in a friendly and ambient environment. The school library is an open and safe space for students that supports all teaching and learning programs and ensures the information needs of students are met. Our library has an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction books to enhance our students learning experience. It provides a large range of both traditional and modern research tools, resources and references that can enhance the critical thinking, communication, literacy and research skills of our students.

The library has designated private study for Year 11 & 12 students with computer access for research. A comfortable reading area has been set aside near the fiction section for quiet reading.

The library more than 50 Laptops that can be used for students before school, at recess and lunch time.

AIC Digital Library

AIC library provides access to an excellent Digital library portal with age-appropriate eBooks and Audiobooks available for all the staff and students. Students can Ask Librarian’’ for their username and password to access to AIC Digital Library using the link below. 

AIC Digital Library

Transperth Smart Rider

Transperth SmartRider cards are issued through the library. They are used to access public transport and to borrow library resources.

Printing and Photocopying

In order to facilitate the students and to cater their needs, we provide them with maximum in house facilities including printing and photocopying. AIC library has a dedicated printing and photocopy section for students where student can avail this facility by just topping up their Paper Cut account for school.


Islam is based on five tenents; one of which is Salah. It is for this purpose we have a spacious mosque and ablution areas wherein our students and faculty members offer their prayers during school hours.

School Oval and Play Area

Children learn by playing. We highly encourage outdoor activities, such as playing on swings and play areas designed specifically for them.


Australian Islamic College promotes healthy eating. The key message to our students is to enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods every day. Our canteen serves healthy food and drinks during recess and lunch which is approved by the School Canteen Association of WA. All food and drinks in the canteen are “Halal”.


A spacious community hall where all sorts of events, festivals, and extra curricular activities are held.

Equipped with modern technology and facilities, a seminar hall where workshops, Parent Teacher conferences and/or an special event is set up. These are also available for Venue Hire.

First Aid

An organised and well stocked First Aid facility can give you peace of mind and reduce the severity of injury in most medical situations. The school has nine First aid stations at the school front office, central office, library, gym, food and technology room, VET rooms in H Block, M block and Science labs. We have seven trained First Aiders and two “Train the Trainers” who can teach and certify students. The school has two sick bays for extreme cases of illness during the course of the day located at the front office.

ICT Labs

Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. Australian Islamic College is dedicated to making the latest computer technology available to all students. With technology advances comes advances in how our curriculum is delivered. Our four computer labs are equipped with high-speed wired & wireless internet, all-in-one devices, and laptops. All our classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled with students having access to over 500 laptops to assist with the delivery of Australian curriculum.

Three Flashforge Inventor II printers have been added to our computer labs to provide students with 21st century education which focuses on supportive workspaces with resources that support collaboration.

Equipped Classrooms

Keeping in mind modern-day technology, we have well-equipped classrooms for our students to enrich the traditional teaching methodologies and help transition to digital classes.

Staff, Parents and Visitor Car Parking Area

As our number of students are increasing year by year in our Kewdale Campus, we understand the importance of providing facilities to parents, staff, students and visitors. We have recently increasing our parking capacity and now we have a large, spacious parking area.