Student Leadership

The Australian Islamic College Student Leadership Team is a group of highly competent student representatives elected by the students, for the students. Student Leaders strive to develop innovative, feedback-focused approaches that foster the promotion of wellbeing and interests of their peers in each cohort by facilitating efficient and open communication with the School Leadership. They have been at the forefront of organising an array of interactive social events throughout the academic year to ensure their peers enjoy well-spent time in a relaxed environment where they can network with others and make long-lasting memories. Examples of these include the Eid Festival that was initiated in 2020, now a regular event, to combat the low morale of Muslims in all communities due to COVID-19 restrictions. Students were given the opportunity to enjoy a full day of sports, access to Halal food trucks, henna art painting, photo booths organised by students, gaming rooms and watch movies under the careful and stringent supervision of their dedicated teachers. Other events include a partnership with Human Appeal Australia where students participated in the Ramadhan Food Drive and collected food for COVID-19 affected families. Harmony Day is a key tradition of the Student Leadership Team and this week also coincides with Anti Bullying Week. Additionally, Student Leaders have also celebrated World Teachers Day to appreciate and express their gratitude to their teachers at all schools through an entire assembly dedicated for World Teachers Day. Students have also participated in interschool competitions and games and represented their school to the best of their ability.

We provide student leaders with a supportive learning environment that develops leadership skills through character based learning opportunities. Our student leaders are required to work cooperatively to achieve set goals, inspire their peers and promote a culture of school pride and belonging.

Our school leadership opportunities include:

  • Student Representative Council (SRC)

  • House Captains and Vice Captains
  • Organising school events

  • Addressing school assemblies

  • Fundraising projects
  • Volunteering

Most of all, the Student Leadership Team endeavors to embody strong, exemplary leadership as well as empower and advocate for the voices of the extremely dynamic and promising future generation of young Australian Muslims.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a student-based group designed to foster school spirit and leadership among students. The members of the SRC change each year to maintain a fresh approach and a strong student voice within the school. Members are leaders who help to create and nurture constructive ideas within the school community. They are approachable students who are representatives of our student body.

Why have an SRC?

Student representative councils work to represent students’ interests and needs in various ways. We believe that students have the right to be consulted and have their voices heard about decisions that affect them. We believe that the students should be given opportunities to develop their leadership potential and be presented with opportunities to collaborate with each other and the wider community to have a positive impact on the school community. They can be supported to take action to bring about positive changes that will benefit the students and the entire school community.

ICAS Competitions

Many of our students are also encouraged to participate in external programs and competitions, such as the ICAS Competition designed to challenge young minds in a variety of subjects (including Science, English, Mathematics, Spelling Bees and Digital Technologies)


We offer a range of clubs for students, providing opportunities for children to engage and socialise outside the classroom. Some examples of our High School Clubs are

  • Drama
  • Coding
  • Knitting

  • Woodwork
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Soccer

  • STEM
  • Health and Fitness

  • Archery

  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis

Students Representatives

Head Boy – Abdulallh Al Nour (Year 12)

Head Girl – Salma Samatar (Year 12)

Head Counsellors

  • Mohammad Haticglou (Year 7)
  • Hiba Baig (Year 7)
  • Muhammad Mojab Chaudhry (Year 8)
  • Raha Anwar (Year 8)
  • Zakaria Naby (Year 9)
  • Fatimaruun Abdi (Year 9)
  • Mohamed Abdullahi (Year 10)
  • Sarah El-Rashid (Year 10)
  • Tegani Adam (Year 11)
  • Maisara Muzaffar (Year 11)

Student Counsellors

  • Meqdam Dawood (Year 7)
  • Naasih Nuaym (Year 7)
  • Akifa Kamarul Bahrin (Year 7)
  • Wafaa Ali (Year 7)
  • Ahmed Wurie Jalloh (Year 8)
  • Layth Al Obaidi (Year 8)
  • Ashanna Jade Callaway (Year 8)
  • Layan Mousa (Year 8)
  • Muhammad Izz Fadli Mustahar (Year 9)
  • Nasrullahi Muhamed (Year 9)
  • Iman Mohamed (Year 9)
  • Argan Ahmed (Year 10)
  • Faisal Fauzi (Year 10)
  • Yara Soliman (Year 10)
  • Hadjah Jalloh (Year 10)
  • Nuuh Ahmed Mohamed (Year 11)
  • Ali Al Asadi (Year 11)
  • Aisha Elmi (Year 11)
  • Sheyla Dizdar (Year 11)
  • Zeyd Al Abdeli (Year 12)
  • Abdul Ali Mohamed (Year 12)
  • Layla Hendricks (Year 12)
  • Fatima Saleh (Year 12)