11 June 2021

Origami is the art of paper folding, most commonly linked to Japan. In the origami club, we explore and hone our folding skill and use paper to create different shapes and sizes. Every week in origami, we learn something new. The origami club encourages a very independent learning situation. Every week, we are given multiple instruction papers relating to a theme to choose from, and we use the words and illustrations on them to make the desired object. However, in case we ever run into some trouble in the making process or struggle to understand what the instruction paper is asking of us, we can ask for the assistance of our teacher, who is there to help us conquer obstacle along the way. And once we finish our creation, the sense of accomplishment is immeasurable.We also have a project to do by the end of the term that we spend a section of our time doing. We create units and use those units to make things – ranging from swans to penguins – that amount to a big structure.The environment of the club is very calming and harmonious as everyone is engrossed in their creation. The texture of the origami paper, the calmness of the classroom, and the paper’s rustling all add up to create the perfect scenario winding down for two periods after a week of school.Sahro Hussein Year 10G