24 November 2021

Australian Islamic College has successfully hosted the first round of Pfizer Vaccination Drive at AIC Kewdale.

PERTH: WA Health has encouraged all Western Australians aged 12 and over, including over 60s to get vaccinated because vaccination is a safe and effective way to help prevent people from getting seriously ill. Get yourself and your children vaccinated, as the highly contagious Delta strain of COVID-19 can have medical consequences for people of all ages, including healthy young people.

Australian Islamic College offered their Staff, Students and Parents an opportunity to book an appointment and get vaccinated without any hassle.

The Vaccination Procedure is meant to cater following 2 groups:

  1. Vaccination Drive for Staff
  2. Vaccination Drive for Students and Parents

Vaccination Drive for Staff
As per the guidelines provided by WA Health, all School Staff of Australian Islamic College was required to receive their vaccinations on the 11th of October 2021 at the AIC Kewdale Community Room.

Vaccination Drive for Parents and Students

First dose appointments were successfully conducted between the 11th of October and the 31st of October. Based on the total count from vaccination clinic there were a total of 215 doses of first dose vaccination done. As a result of which, 52 staff, 103 students and 60 parents were successfully vaccinated with the first dose.

Second Dose appointments were successfully conducted between the 2nd of November and 23rd of November. Based on the total count from the vaccination clinic, there were a total of 172 doses of second dose vaccination, which includes 38 staff members, 36 parents and 98 students.

AIC is very proud of the response it has received towards the vaccination drive. The count for both the first and second dose appointments shows a clear picture of the trust the community has with AIC.