14 December 2021

The Year 3 classes have been very busy, engaged and immersed in learning this term. WOW! What a productive term.

We have dived into literature, creating texts, speaking, listening, working mathematically, problem solving, conducting Science investigations, participating in higher order thinking topics, working on our STEM projects and developing our lateral thinking skills.

Book week was an exciting event with the theme:
Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds“.

The character parade was a fantastic event which saw children dressing up as their favourite fictional book character.


We have immersed the children in literature, encouraging a passion for reading. Our ACR, MyON, Reading Eggspress, shared reading and guided reading programs are proving to be a great success with the major aim being to encourage a lifelong love of reading. The students have been thoroughly enjoying the writing process this term with a focus on procedural writing and poetry. The purpose of procedural texts is to provide a series of sequenced stops or directions that explain to the reader how to do something. Our writing program this term has led the children to create their own board games, make a batch of play dough, make a chatter box and build paper planes. The students have also enjoyed writing Haiku poetry. They wrote about themes that interested them including poems on their favourite animals, season, sport and past time activities.


Our Science unit this term has been biological sciences. The feathers, fur or leaves unit is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. This unit has provided opportunities for students to explore features of living things, and ways they can be grouped together. Through hands-on activities, students explored how living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things. They then used this knowledge to investigate the animal groups in the leaf litter of their own homes and school yards. Our STEM projects this term is magnetic powered cars, solar powered paper houses and motorised fans. We are looking forward to the STEM exhibition coming up.


Mathematics has been exciting this term with the introduction of new concepts such as identifying angles as measures of turns and comparing angle sizes in everyday situations. We have also looked into measurement conversion, equivalent fractions on a number line and perimeter. The students have been recognising, modelling, representing and ordering number numbers to 100,000. We have investigated and solved mathematical problems using a range of strategies and encouraged logical reasoning skills to come to solutions.


Our history program has focused on the knowledge and understanding of the past and present. We have been discussing the history of a significant person, place or site.

The students responded to questions such as; “What is a significant place to you and your family?” and, “Why is this place significant?

Students have also looked at important Indigenous sites as well as some Aboriginal culture. In geography we have been studying wetlands and the reasons why they are so important and need conservation. Civics and citizenship has seen the children considering rules we make for the classroom and whether the rules are fair or not. They then compared their opinions with their classmates to discuss consequences of broken rules.

The year three classes in Dianella have a vibrant, stimulating and motivational learning environment.