14 December 2021

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الْسلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته

Alhmadullilah, Term 4 has been a very productive and exciting term for everyone.

 Arabic Live Competition

The Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (MLTAWA) organises Language competitions every year. This year they have organized a Live Languages Competition for the first time for all languages across the state. The competition consists of a short reading in Arabic followed by a live quiz. The competition took place on Friday the 29th of October. The AIC participated with two teams, one from the primary and one from the secondary. It was a very enjoyable experience for everyone. The participants of the high school team are:

  • Karim Higazy (Year 7)
  • Lujain Osama Yahya Al-Motawakel (Year 8)
  • Rukya Al Abbasi (Year 9)
  • Abdulmawla Al Mahameed (Year 9)

Arabic Award Ceremony

The Arabic Department organised an exciting Award ceremony to celebrate the students who participated in the Young Translator of the Year Competition and the Live Languages Competition. The ceremony kicked off by our respected Master of Ceremony, Sh. Faizel who engaged the students and staff with his amusing and remarkable style. After starting with the mellifluous recitation of the Holy Quran by Ibrahim Haticoglu, the students as well as staff attentively listened to the principal’s speech. To everyone’s surprise and for the first time in the history of AIC, our principal, Br Mohammad Nazar Khan, addressed the students in Arabic, with our Year 9 student Sama Ebied doing the translation in English. It was an amazing and inspiring way to show his great support to the Arabic Department and his immense love and respect to the language of the Holy Quran! What a powerful motivation for our students! May Allah swt bless him!

The program of the ceremony was full of many educational and entertaining items, including a recitation of all the Quranic verses about Arabic and their English translation, a speech about the importance of learning the Arabic Language from a scientific, religious, business, and cultural perspective by our Year 7 student Zakaria Mashadani, an item on Arabic proverbs and their English counterparts and an item on the Arabic names and their meanings. In addition to these educational items, students and staff had great fun listening to wonderful nasheeds by the Year 8 girls . And the most popular and entertaining part of the ceremony was the melodious nasheed by our amazing teachers Sh. Safdar and Br Jihad assisted by the talented Teacher Br. Timothy playing the Duff!

Alhamdullilah, the event was a huge success!

Class activities

This term, students continued to make progress in their acquisition of the Arabic language. In addition to the vocabulary and structures related to themes of the units covered this term, there was a focus on learning basic Arabic expressions where students use Arabic to talk about themselves. Students have had fun role playing interviewing other students and introducing themselves, talking about their country of origin, their age, their hobbies and other basic information about themselves.

The year 7 girls in Sh. Faizel, Br Salah and Sr Hoda’s classes enjoyed a vocabulary quiz after the Live Competition finished. It was great to see how student were actively engaged in the quiz!

We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing all our wonderful students next year, insha Allah

والسَّلامُ  عَلَيْكُم