14 December 2021

Outside Play

In our kindergarten we have made it a point to spend time outside daily. Children need to remain active throughout the day, and outdoor play allows them to get fresh air and explore their environment more. Hands-on learning, the natural environment and loose parts in the outdoors stimulate children’s senses through what they hear, touch, see and feel. Outdoor experiences provide an opportunity to explore, discover and appreciate the natural world, as well as be active, strengthen fine and gross motor movement skills, test physical limits and get messy. Time spent in the outdoors is an important part of our daily program for all children.

Cooking and Baking

We always include cooking and baking in our Kindergarten classrooms. As well as being fun, cooking with children gives them the chance to be introduced to fresh, healthy food and helps them to develop healthy eating habits. Hands on cooking activities help children develop confidence and skill. Following recipes encourages children to be self-directed and independent, and it also teaches them to follow directions and develop problem-solving skills. Fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills develop by chopping, mixing, squeezing, and spreading. It also allows children the opportunity to use the knowledge they have and apply it by counting, measuring, following a sequence, following directions, and cause and effect.

Indoor activities:

Children busy in different indoor activities

Fun Run and Assembly:

School Fun Run gives students the opportunity to remove themselves from the classroom and to give their minds and bodies a change of scenery. We had a beautiful walk around the Tomato Lake and in between, the children had the opportunity to play the Bear Game with Sr Nuria.

Kindy children also participated in Fun Run and Fun Run Assembly.


Children busy in creating their projects

– Kindergarten Teachers