25 March 2022

Vocational Education and Training (VET) department at the Australian Islamic College has again achieved a 100% success rate last year which not only made students who completed a Vocational Education course job ready with all the necessary skills in their chosen course, but played a major role for many in achieving their WACE graduation certificates last year.

This year we have 158 students (years 11 and 12) that are doing a VET courses. What is being offered are the following:

  • Certificate II in Workplace Skills
  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate II in Sports and Recreation
  • Certificate II in Sports Coaching
  • Certificate II in Community Services
  • Certificate II Hospitality
  • Certificate II in Advanced Digital Technologies

Students doing a VET course at the Australian Islamic College not only do it at the college but also do other courses outside of the college where they participate once a week. Our collaboration with the North and South Metropolitan TAFE colleges has enabled our students to access courses of their interest that is not being offered in the college. We have students who are studying Aviation, mechanical pre-apprenticeships and also have students doing qualifications with Coffee Club and various fast food restaurants.


Below is feedback from students who are doing the Certificate II in Hospitality. Under the tutelage of Sr Meena Rawan, they have started hospitality services to the teachers to raise money for the year 12 graduation.

Our Vocational Education and Training (VET) department at the Australian Islamic College Kewdale has been successfully running the Hospitality certificate II. The class, run by former Hospitality student Sr. Meena, is a mix of both year 11s and 12s collaborating in the same workspace.  

We were able to begin a practical experience in making coffee after the completion of four core units. The units were based on working effectively with others, showing cultural sensitivity, interacting with customers, and cleaning the kitchen premises. The school has provided a brand new, café style setup with a coffee machine, grinder, café style seating and other kitchen equipment provided for us to create a realistic working experience.  

The equipment has so far been used to create a coffee club for teachers around the school, serving both hot and iced coffee, and possibly expanding to a larger menu soon. The club has been a great success, and all money raised is being contributed towards the year 12’s Formal and Graduation. 

We have also partaken in a variety of other interactive events, such as bring bringing traditional food on harmony day to display cultural sensitivity. Created visually appealing posters that apply to our learning unit on clean kitchen premises. Overall, the Hospitality class has been a very welcoming and educational environment that teaches us new skills applicable in the workplace and our daily lives.