20 June 2022

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdullilah, we have had a flying start to Term Two in  Pre Primary. The STEM project for this term was to create a plane. The boys and girls were excited to have the opportunity to create their own individual design.  Afterwards the children flew and appraised their plane design which they had also drawn onto paper.

Our Eid Celebration Party took place  on the first Friday of Term two and the boys and girls were excited to wear their traditional or new  clothes as well as be involved in both fun and educational games to celebrate this important event.

Another wonderful development has been the completion of the new early childhood playground area and sandpit. Learning through play is an integral component to help  behavioural, cognitive and emotional capabilities grow.   It has been lovely observing how the children  play cooperatively,  watching them grow  in confidence, take turns,  expand their negotiation and   problem solving skills as well as develop  their gross and fine motor skills. The HASS learning area outcomes for this term includes experiencing and reacting to local places and our connections to them. With this in mind, a ‘neighbourhood walk and play’ outing is going to scheduled to take place shortly. This will also be a good opportunity for further partnerships to be established between teachers, parents and other family members who are going to come along.

Jazak Allah to all Pre Primary A, B and C  families for their continuing support and assistance ensuring the best outcomes for their child at AIC Thornlie.

Pre Primary- Educators