13 September 2022

Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand. (12:2)

The Arabic language is a unique, beautiful, and rich language. It is not the language of one country; it is the language of nearly 30 countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East. There are more than 400 million native speakers around the globe. Linguists classify the Arabic language into two main versions: the first one is classical Arabic, the language used in the Holy Quran, and there is no alteration to it. The religious scholars use the Classical version. The other one is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). This version is practically identical to Classical Arabic and is used in schools, universities, media, politicians, poets, authors, and newsreaders.

The Arabic department in AIC Kewdale High School has organised Arabic poetry and written words competitions across the three AIC campuses to encourage students to love and learn Modern Standard Arabic (العَرَبِيّةُ الفِصْحَى). When the announcement was made in the school assembly in week 2, a significant number of students were eager to register and participate in the competition.

Besides the Arabic competition, the department celebrated an important event, which was languages week. The Arabic department has honoured and disseminated the significance of celebrating the diversity and the values of learning languages. Teachers and students were busy producing a variety of language posters that attracted the school community.

Languages Week

Below are two girls from the year 12 cohort conducting a presentation for languages week. These two girls conveyed a well-prepared, informative PowerPoint presentation that kept the attention of the whole school assembly. After they finished their presentation, they received big applause and joy from the audience.

They reminded the audience that diversity of languages and colours is one of the signs of Allah SWT. Diversity is recognised and highly praised in the Quran.

And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of your languages and colours. Verily, in that are indeed signs for those of sound knowledge. (Quran 30:22)

Spoken Words

The Arabic Poetry competition was held at Kewdale Highschool in week 7, Term 3, 2022. The contestants were from year 7 to year 12. It was the first time that students participated in a poetry competition. Although the timeframe to prepare for the competition was short, the students displayed great courage and confidence to memorise an Arabic poem with its translation and recite it aloud in front of their peers. Some of those who competed in poetry were talented and displayed their hidden qualities and ingenuity.

Below is the poem the year seven students had to present in the competition. The message of this poem is the importance of developing an organised lifestyle to adopt good habits and maintain a happy routine.

The following images show the year seven students performing the above poem. The students captivated the judges and audience with their performance and talent.

The year eight students performed a poem on the language of the ancestors. The message of this poem was the value of maintaining one’s native language, as it is an essential factor in retaining personal identity.

The year nine students recited and entertained the audience with the below poem on travelling. The essence of this poem is the importance of travelling and its experiences.

Vocabulary and Written Words Competition

The following images represent students participating in the 2022 Vocabulary and Written Words Competition. Students received 50 words to memorise and use in meaningful Arabic sentences. Most of the students demonstrated their well-developed literacy skills by producing eloquent Arabic sentences.

Learning Arabic language with technology

It is a privilege to have access to technology. Our college is fortunate to have laptops to improve their reading and writing skills. Technology in language learning transforms students from passive recipients to active learners and allows more profound and enriching linguistic immersions.

The Arabic department recognises and appreciates the school management for providing the necessary equipment that improves students learning experience.

The images below illustrate students utilising laptops during their Arabic lessons. Using the laptops also provides opportunities to improve their typing skills using Arabic keyboards.