2022 – Term 2 [Dianella]

Executive Principal Message


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Dear Parent/Guardian and Community Members Providing quality education, which is full of Islamic manners and values, is indeed a real challenge with current global pandemic. I ask Allah (SWT) to help us all accomplish the objectives we have set for AIC. I am sure that with the grace of Allah (SWT), parental support, and the help of the community we will Insha’Allah be able to face the challenges and will achieve our goals. I shall continue to work with you for the best interests of our beloved children and our community at large. [...]

Executive Principal Message2022-06-22T16:01:08+08:00

Student Leadership


The Student Leadership Team consists of student representatives from our school who aim to embrace and model all values and expectations of our school culture. It is an opportunity for students to grow and flourish in roles of responsibility and act as a point of liaison for the student body.After a thorough application process, our high school cohort was given the opportunity to vote for their student representatives. The positions were awarded as follows:School Captain/SRC President - Rokaya Al Shaibani Year 10Vice School Captain/SRC Vice President - Fatima Al Modaffer Year 10SRC Secretary - Daania Siddiqui Year 8SRC Events Officer - [...]

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Korean Languages Club


Hello everyone. We have been having an amazing time in the Korean Club, we have studied hard and learnt some basic phrases in the language. We have been learning how to say some basic phrases, such as Yes, no, hello and goodbye as well other simple sentences in Korean. We were able to try some very yummy Korean Snacks during our last club session which made for a very exciting end.

Korean Languages Club2022-06-22T12:38:55+08:00

Masterchef Club


Greetings from the most delicious club in high school! Term two went extremely quick but the cooks in MasterChef managed to whip up some incredible dishes over the last few weeks. From sushi to oreo lasagne and mini cheesecakes in between, these culinary hopefuls battled through some tough recipes and worked in different team-based challenges to create tasty, attractive dishes. Each week students gathered fresh ideas for potential dishes to prepare and participated in the club activities with heightened enthusiasm. They exuded creativity and originality as they completed various sweet and savoury dishes and learned some handy cooking tips along [...]

Masterchef Club2022-06-23T14:21:07+08:00

Coding Club


This term, the coding club had taken a step away from Code Avengers. Having a new teacher and following on from some parent's feedback, we had opted for a simpler and more familiar tool. Our goal for the term was to prepare and publish a "Scratch-based" animation, and the ideas ranged from a gas leak in our club, to the coding club saving a mother who was getting kid-napped on campus (wouldn't that be mother-napped?).The students had managed to create their own sprites, and were due to begin the animation, but some things just were not meant to be. Disruptions had [...]

Coding Club2022-06-22T12:39:45+08:00

Basketball Club


Back by popular demand, the basketball club continues to run at AIC Dianella during the last two periods on Fridays. We have a mixture of new and returning students with the latter being more than the former. There are currently students from year 7 and year 8 boys. The year 7 students have come with a lot of energy and chemistry, after playing together for over a year during recess and lunch play. They love the game and motivate each other to become better. The year 8 students make up for this with experience and by playing smart. The club [...]

Basketball Club2022-06-24T14:15:17+08:00

Candle Making Club


Students in candle making have been learning how to create a candle from scratch, using wax, dye and different fragrances. Before students make their candles, they watch videos to see how to make the candles and follow the steps as a group.In the first half of the term, students could take their completed candle home. As the term progressed, students started making candles to raise funds for different charities, for example UNICEF and Muslim Women Support Centre of WA (MWSC). This has been a wonderful experience for students as they learn the valuable lesson of sharing with others.The students in candle [...]

Candle Making Club2022-06-22T12:41:07+08:00

Year 6


This term, our students were taught to expand their persuasive writing skills using the ‘Seven Steps of Writing’. Students learnt how to apply their ‘Sizzling Starts’ into persuasive writing. The cohort spent the first half hour of almost every day of the week sharpening their writing skills by creating fantastic introductions and first arguments for their persuasive pieces. This term, there is a greater emphasis on developing the students’ editing skills,  which is fundamental to further excel in writing. The students revelled in the process of their STEM project. They had to plan and create [...]

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Year 5


The year 5 students have been working hard in improving their writing skills this term. They have acquired the essential skills to start developing further their written narrative and persuasive writing skills. Apart from their daily literacy block writing sessions, students continued practicing their written expressions and vocabulary building during our drama lessons where they have written and presented their own play script to the class.In math this term, our students have been learning to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers; elapsed time – working out start and finish time involving 2 days, and chance and data. During our math [...]

Year 52022-06-22T12:41:51+08:00

Year 4


Maths has been exciting this term with the introduction of new concepts such as the area and perimeter of a figure and applying it in real-life situations such as floor covering, wallpaper and paint. We broadened our horizons with multiplication (4-digit by 1-digit numbers) and division (long division of 2- and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit number). We also investigated different methods of data collection and data display, evaluating the effectiveness of different data displays, and comparing them. Students found that it is easier and faster to read the bar graph compared to other types of graphs. Although some of the concepts [...]

Year 42022-06-24T13:59:15+08:00
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