Term 3 [Dianella]

Year 1


English This term has seen some very exciting and interesting narratives from the year ones.  They are starting to use a wider variety of language including adjectives and adverbs.  Our morning daily review is such an important part of our day. Some students get to go to a different teacher for daily review each morning and it helps our whole year one cohort to feel connected. Book week was the highlight of this term. The students enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters. There were many superheroes and princesses. Mathematics WOW! The year ones have started to add and subtract [...]

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The Pre-Primary have been very busy this term. In HASS we have been learning all about Australia, the states and territories, our native flora and fauna and Australia’s famous landmarks. We read the story Possum Magic, an Australian classic, which led into labelling the states and territories on a map of Australia. We then made the Australian Flag and an Aboriginal Flag. We followed that with lovely dot paintings based on the well-known Indigenous Dreamtime Story Rainbow Serpent. We also learnt about our native animals - kangaroos, koalas, wombats, kookaburras and the platypus. We studied their features, habitat, diet and [...]




Our Kindergarteners have had some brand-new experiences this term, such as participating in a school-wide event like book week, visiting the book fair in the library, watching a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and more! We enjoyed listening to students share their favourite stories during book week, and it was amazing to see how many have developed a love for books! Kindergarten is ever engaging as we strive to provide our students with experiences that will foster their love for learning. We have covered many interesting topics this term. In Literacy, students have also continued to enjoy learning letters and sound [...]


Principal’s Message


Dear Community,I pray this message finds you and your families in the best of health and spirits.This has been a busy term for us and I would like to thank parents, staff and students for the continued support, dedication and hard work.  We celebrated 20 years of service for eight dedicated staff who have been with this august institution for more than 20 years. Not only is this a reflection of their dedication and commitment to education and the next generation, but also a reflection on our amazing institution which has been able to train and retain [...]

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