AIC offers compulsory Arabic courses for Years 7 to 9 students and electives for Years 10, 11 and 12. There are three Arabic teaching levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance) provided to students. Years 11 and 12 Arabic courses, ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) can get 10% bonus point in ranking in their WACE results.

Arabic department runs special program that enables students to communicate in Arabic language by providing students with essential communication skills in Arabic, an intercultural capability, and an understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication. Students will learn Arabic through four strands: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. They will follow the Western Australian Languages Curriculum aiming to enable students to:

  • Use Arabic to communicate with others.
  • Understand their own culture, heritage, values, culture, and identity.
  • Make connection between Arabic and English languages. Understand language, culture, learning and their relationship, and thereby develop an intercultural capability in communication
  • Strengthen their intellectual, analytical, and reflective capabilities, and enhance their creative and critical thinking skills

The language will be assessed is modern standard Arabic which is used throughout the Arabic speaking countries. Year 11 and 12 courses will include three themes: The individual, The Arabic-speaking communities, and the changing world. Students will develop skills in many Arabic text types
such as: a letter (personal or formal), conversation, an atrial and a short story…etc.). They will also practice five types of writing: Persuasive, Informative, Evaluative, Imaginative and Personal writing.