Religion Curriculum

The Religion Department plays a significant role in the overall religious nature of the school.

Students in years 7 to 9 study a course named Islamic Studies. This course is based on an international curriculum for religious studies. It includes the four main elements of Islamic Studies; beliefs, practices, character/behaviour and history.

There is also a year 7 to 10 Quran program which aims to develop the Quranic recitation skills of students. This program is divided into levels per cohort depending on the student’s recitation ability.

Students in year 10 study a course named Prophetic Directions. This program builds on what has been studied in Islamic Studies in years 7 to 9. The main difference is that Prophetic Directions focuses more on the laws of Islamic practices related to prayer, fasting, charity and all other Islamic daily practices.

Students in years 11 and 12 study a course named Applied Islam. This is an endorsed program which moves away from the topics of years 7 to 10 and focuses on modern day

issues faced by young people. This course is tailored to suit the needs of young people beyond their school years. It serves to prepare them for the challenges of being a young adult.

Further to the programs and courses offered by the Religion Department, the Department is also responsible for daily assemblies, themes of the week, Quran recitation competition, Seerah (Life of Prophet) week, and facilitating all religious customary practices in the school.

Being a faith based school, the Religion Department assists other areas of learning to ensure that Islamic integration takes places in all areas of learning.