Staff at Dianella

Australian Islamic College, Kewdale has a Principal, two Deputy Principals (High School & Primary), Head of Learning Area (High School), Curriculum Coordinator (Primary) and Behaviour Coordinators (High School & Primary) with an ACARA & WA Curriculum focus, who make up the leadership team.

The school has a strong faculty of 167 personnel with 119 Teachers, 13 Education Assistants and 2 Librarians. The school values the opportunity for all students to flourish within our innovative and caring environment. The teaching and learning program is implemented by our highly professional teachers and support staff who work in collaborative Professional Learning Teams to provide a stimulating and challenging environment. The School has an Islamic Religion Department which implements Islamic Curriculum that includes Tajweed, Recitation of Quran, Quran Memorization, and Islamic Studies.

The Principal has line management of all teachers direct and through Deputy Principals, Head of Learning Area and Curriculum Coordinator. The Principal is responsible for management of all programs and systems in the school but has a particular focus on training and development, implementation of new programs and curricula and implementing the teaching and learning improvement identified in the School Strategic Plan & School Operational Plan.

The Behaviour Coordinators have line management of all the teachers. The Behaviour Coordinators work in partnership with the Principal in all areas of the school management processes but have a focus on improved Teaching & Learning practices in classrooms, Students at Risk, and general Wellbeing of the students.

The staff work collaboratively as a whole and within the Learning Area. Primary School have THREE Learning Areas: Early Years, Middle Primary and Upper Primary.

A range of key programs operate throughout the school with a strong commitment to Literacy and Numeracy excellence. Specialist programs operating in the school include Islamic Religion Curriculum, Physical Education, Remedial Support, Intensive English, Art, Design & Digital Technology, and implementation of STEAM across all the curriculum areas.

Our professional, enthusiastic, and highly experienced teachers provide a range of exciting learning opportunities that engage, motivate, and inspire students to excel. Their strong curriculum knowledge is supported by a whole school pedagogy that promotes high aspirations, excellence, and respect. Teachers encourage students to have high aspirations, to strive for excellence in all pursuits, and to demonstrate respect for self, others, and the environment. Our teachers motivate, encourage, set challenging goals, communicate with parents, and expect high standards to encourage high aspirations for all students. Teachers believe every student can succeed and provide a range of opportunities to strive for excellence in all endeavours. Our Teachers encourage students to have respect for self, others, and the environment, providing a calm, safe and respectful environment for the students accepting individual student differences.