20 June 2022

A career counselling session was conducted for the students of Year 10, 11 & 12 by UWA at the school recently.  The Students were made aware of the various pathways for university entrance, career opportunities after conducting a degree in a specific field, and lucrative scholarships that they are offered in various courses.

UWA representative highlighted the criteria required for admission in the University, emphasising, the students need to work hard in their college.

The UWA representative emphasized that the students must have in-depth knowledge of the subject choices, otherwise they might end-up in a career that is not made for them. It is common among students going through this transition phase to get influenced by misinformation and end up making wrong decisions. The team urged the students not to make decisions based on peer pressure.  Students were made aware of the different options in profession and courses they could pursue based on the subject choices they would make. Queries raised by the students were addressed by the UWA team. A detailed Course book was handed to all students. – Sr Rahat Rizvi (Career Counsellor)