24 June 2022

Welcome to our second edition of sport news for school zine! As always we were off to a great start here at AIC Kewdale Primary, we kicked off with our sport classes where students were learning new skills in the great Aussie game of AFL! We also had a special visit from a legend AFL Muslim player Bachar Houli!! We were lucky to have Bachar come to our school and be part of our assembly and be involved in a clinic with our students.

We also had many other events- Our PP students were involved in a four week AFL clinic and our year 4s and 2s were involved in soccer clinics, all thanks to the sporting school grants.  We officially held our leadership ceremony in week 5 announcing our 2022 leaders. Our year 5/6 boys represented the school at the first ever Freo Docker Shield competition and did an amazing job on the day!

We had our fun runs for years 4-6 and pre-primary and two of our kindy classes which was a very fun day for all. We also had our Early childhood carnival for out little ones in Kindy and pre-primary and year 1!

2022 Leadership Ceremony

Here at the Australian Islamic College, Kewdale Primary, student well-being and student leadership is an integral focus. This year we have selected the leadership group consisted of head boy/girl, deputy head boy/girl, prefects and house captains.  We officially inducted our students into the leadership group. It was a wonderful ceremony enjoyed by all students, teachers and parents.

Head Boy Head Girl
Waiz  Feroze Shabnambi Bin Shafiq
Deputy Head Boy Deputy Girl Boy
Dawood Syed Rayanna Abdirahman
Class Prefects
Ama Amanful
Taha Ait Benali
Norah Lugumaan
Salsabila Arbi
Rufaida Almehdawi
Manha Naveed
Maten Ali Mohammadi
Adnan Al Mahameed
Amira Mohamed Khalif
Abdalla Ali
Hassan Abdallah
Abdullah Aliyi
Zeynab Mohammed
Juwan Fatani
Hawa Khan
Hasin Hasib
Breshna Fidaie
Nabil Hasan
Naba Tubar
House Captains
Red House Captain
Suntus Musa
Red House Captain
Jihan Mohamed
Red House Captain
Nadiah Syed
Red House Captain
Abdurahman Yusaf
Red House Captain
Lian Saedam
Yellow house Captain
Hamedah Mohammadi
Yellow house Captain
Abdalla Mohamed
Yellow house Captain
Xamse Hassan
Yellow house Captain
Rahma Moftar
Yellow house Captain
Deeqa Handule
Green house Captain
Nurain Hossain
Green house Captain
Sumeiya Aliyi
Green house Captain
Ahmad Al Mahameed
Green house Captain
Yusuf Abdallah
Green house Captain
Zahra Abdulwehab
Blue House Captain
Fayaaz Mahmud
Blue House Captain
Nawal Ali
Blue House Captain
Alya Ahmed
Blue House Captain
Amna Noor
Blue House Captain
Hajira  Sheikh
Sports Prefect
Balqees Ahmadzai
Sports Prefect
Salma Abdi
Sports Prefect
Anzal Yassin
Sports Prefect
Ilham Shukuri
Sports Prefect
Palwasha Khan


Congratulations to the following boys who represented the school in the competition.  

# Year 5/6 boys Year 5/6 boys Year 5/6 boys
1 Mahmed Hakun Xamsa Hassan Ahmed Idris Omar
2  Abdullah Fayeez  AbdiSalam Khair Suleiman Koroma
3 Momen Mohamed Ali Abdallah Mohamed Jaffar Hamid
4 Abdul Aziz Mehamed Yusuf Abdallah  Ahmad Al Mahameed
5 Haroon Abo El Atta Omar Ibrahim Yahya Rooble
6 Elias Daabaj Yusuf Surur Mourad Omari
7 Tamim Elmisallati  Bilal Mahamud Oybda Khalil
8 Musa Musa Abdulkhaaliq Mahdi Khalid Mohamud
9 Hussein Shawi Hudayfa Jamal Nabil Abdulfarag
10 Mustafa Duale Salem Salem 5C Ahmed Ahmed
11  Mousa Alhujami Mohamed Alhawari Abdullah Aliyi
12 Yaseen Reda Ahmed Hamid Umar Jalloh
13 Zakiraya Abshir