2022 – Term 1 [Thornlie]



The religion department would like to welcome you to the new academic year and we hope that it is a good year for all students Insha’Allah. We are glad to announce that we are using a new book for Quran lessons called (Complete Qaidah). In Religion department we wish to communicate to the new students the values and morals of being a good Muslim and introduce them to the basics of learning the Quran in order to benefit them in this life and the next. The older students will continue to grow in their religious knowledge and their memorisation. This [...]


Year 6


The Leaders of Tomorrow are in our Classrooms TodayAssalammu Alaikum and welcome to Term 1. We are already in week 9 and we feel that this term has been a very eventful one.When we first entered this class, we were a bit nervous and at the same time very happy to think we were the senior most of ‘Primary School.’ We have been trying our best to set the best example for our peers and be the ‘Leaders” of our school.The first thing we did was to introduce ourselves to everybody. We did several activities to help our teachers and peers [...]

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Year 5


What a busy term we have had! Term One is a demanding term as we are beginning to understand the students’ personalities and learning abilities. It has been lovely to get to know the students in each Year 5 class and for the students to show us they are very eager to learn new and insightful information. This term consists of assessing and evaluating students’ prior knowledge and skills. Throughout the term students are presented with many opportunities to build on their knowledge of the narrative and persuasive genres through independent and shared reading. An underlying focus of all literacy and reading in [...]

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Year 4


Assalamualaikum parents,SubhanaAllah, the term has already come to an end. Alhamdulillah, the students have learnt so much already and will continue to do so for the rest of the year InshaAllah.This term in Science, the students have been learning about rocks, soil, weathering and erosion. Students analysed some soil samples that they had brought from their own backyard and categorized them based on their characteristics. We have also learnt about the three types of rocks and we looked at some examples. One of them being pyrite which is also known as Fool’s gold as it is commonly mistaken as being real [...]

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Year 3


Assalamu Alaikum This term in Science, we’re learning about Earth and space. The year 3 students planned and conducted an investigation about the length and direction of shadows in a day. Using what they know about the rotation of the Earth, this investigation allowed them to observe what happens to the length and direction of shadows during the day and analyse when shadows are at their longest and shortest. Using a pencil attached to A3 paper, students marked the shadow’s length and direction every hour, throughout the day. Using the data collected, students created a column graph to represent and [...]

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Year 2


This year has kicked off to a great start. We are flying into Week 8. In Our Classroom We Have Been Learning About: SCIENCE For SCIENCE this term, students have been learning about the WATER CYCLE.  This week, students will be taking part to make their STEM project. Students will create their OWN Water Cycle in a cup. HOW EXCITING! Students will increase their understanding of evaporation and condensation whilst being able to observe if the water in the cup will evaporate. Over the next week, students will observe and analyse their cups, up close! ART For ART this Term, [...]

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Year 1


Welcome back to a new school year. Insha Allah you and your child have had a restful break and are now ready for the school year ahead. It has been wonderful to see the children arriving and settling into their new classes, looking ready to take on their learning experiences to come.This year we are using the Words Their Way program in our classroom. Words   Their Way is phonics, spelling, and vocabulary instruction through daily word study. This program will provide skill instruction that will cover spelling patterns and focus on examining and manipulating words, not memorizing them. Students will be [...]

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Assalamu alaikumAlhamdullilah, it is wonderful to see all the Pre-Primary students settled down now into the Early Childhood Block. Term One has flown by very quickly, and the children have shown resilience and flexibility adapting to a more structured learning program so far this year. Our teaching practices have been focusing on establishing daily routines, familiarity with the learning environment, establishing and maintaining positive adult- child relationships as well as family engagement.Looking forward will be on continuing to encourage independent behaviour, learning through physical play, following lunchtime routines and practices, developing writing skills and using scissors. In the numeracy learning area [...]




It has been a wonderful start to our year in kindergarten. The children have embraced the commencement of the kindergarten program, classroom routines and school rules and all appear ready to get involved and have a go at the new experiences on offer. The Kindergarten programs do not ‘follow’ a set curriculum, but do follow guidelines, principles and practices presented in the Early Years Learning Framework. Kindergarten is the year where your child can actively learn through observation, engagement and participation in play, and the meaningful relationships they share with others. Children themselves play an integral part in their own [...]


Principal’s Message


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh,Dear Parents,Welcome to the term 1 2022 Newsletter.  Alhamdulillah, this year we have so much to be grateful for. It was lovely to see our existing students returned from their long holiday. We are also very grateful to see so many new faces in our school, our new students and their parents. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to our wonderful parents of our existing students to maintain their trust in us in educating their children, and my warmest welcome to our new parents and their children. Thank you for choosing our school for your children’s [...]

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