14 December 2021

NAPLAN Results | Year 7 & 9

NAPALAN results arrived in the school recently.

Congratulations to those students who now achieved Great results. It is especially pleasing for those students who have worked really hard and have taken advantage of the support provided at home and at school. Hard copy of Naplan Results have been provided to students to take home. For those year 9 students who did not achieve band 8 in any of the component, will have to sit for OLNA in March next year. Additional support will continue to be available. 

ICAS External Assessment for Year 7-10

This year about 140 students participated in the ICAS Assessments for year 7-10 for Mathematics, English, Science and Digital technologies online.

We would like to thanks students, parents and staff for their commitment towards the external assessments.

OLNA | Year 10-12

Some of the Year 10-12 students who did not achieve category 3 in first Round of OLNA in March, sat for the second round of OLNA in week 7 and week 8 of term 3.

After school online classes were conducted for these students and the students practiced the questions from:


We would like to thank students, teachers and parents for the hard work and efforts they put in. The results will be released in Oct 2021.


By The University of Melbourne

This year our Year 7-12 Mathematics students unleashed their creativity and problem-solving skills by doing research into a given project.

The students were given a set of eight open-ended questions from which they chose one. They could then use some of the methods used by mathematical researchers to investigate their problem; they could gather data, simplify, visualise, hypothesize, conjecture and prove.

The aim of the competition was to allow students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to make choices about how best to ask and answer questions about their chosen project.

Some of our AIC Maths Students competed individually and some competed as a team in order to foster a positive environment which gave them the opportunity to reason and work collaboratively.