Term 4 [Thornlie]

Islamic Studies


Assalamu alaykum, I pray this finds you in the best of Imaan and Health. My name is Abdur Raheem and I have recently joined the AIC teaching staff as an Islamic Studies/ Quran teacher at the end of term 3. Although my time with the children has been relatively short, the students within that short time have showed great progress and it has been a pleasure to meet and have the opportunity to teach all of our students. In Pre Primary In this last Term we had revised a few core concepts in Islam. Namely the [...]

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Physical Education


Term 4 Sports Carnival On the 2nd of November, we held our Annual Primary School Sports Carnival at the Langford Athletics Oval. Thanks to our amazing helpers, Sister Nora, Brother Hajaz and Brother Yusef, our gazebos were up this year along with our new faction flags purchased kindly by our P&F ready for our students to compete. Our students, teachers and parents all looked brilliant in their faction coloured tops and the chants for each faction were OUTSTANDING!! The FACTION CAPTAINS organised and inspired their team members to ensure every opportunity to gain valuable points was taken. The warm conditions [...]

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Assalam O AlaikumDear parents and guardians,As this year draws to an end, we would like to recognise the amazing progress of our students in Quran this year. We have really enjoyed watching our students improve in their reading and reciting Quran Masha Allah. We hope to build on this progress in the coming school year and we look forward to increasing the students' knowledge of Quran. We wish you a blessed holiday and we look forward to seeing you next academic year Insha’Allah.


Year 6


Sports Carnival The year 6 students had a fantastic time at our recent sports carnival. We enjoyed participating and competing in the events. Our favorite events were the tug of war, star ball, and the relay race. Congratulations to the yellow faction who were the overall winners this year. Graduation Time The year 6 graduation is on Tuesday the 7th of December at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre. We are all extremely excited about this event, and are busily making our final preparations. We can hardly believe that our primary years are coming to an end. We have so [...]

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Year 5


It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of Term 4, 2021. The Year 5 classes have been working very hard this year and have achieved some amazing outcomes. Students have been developing their personal identities, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, discussing their emotions and feelings, identifying their values and developing their decisions. The Year 5 students displayed a great deal of enthusiasm when they were tasked with the challenge of designing and building their own form of model using Popsicle sticks. Their eagerness were very rewarding and inspiring. The amount of creativity and skill that has been displayed with [...]

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Year 4


Assalamualaikum, SubhanAllah we are nearly at the finish line. It’s amazing how fast the year has passed but then again time flies when you’re having fun! The year 4’s have already learnt so much this year and have continued to do so in term 4. At the end of term 3, we were fortunate enough to be able to go on an excursion to Fremantle Prison. The students went on a tour and saw some of the prison cells of convicts that we had previously learnt about in class. Students were able to have the opportunity to experience what it [...]

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Year 3


Year 3B – Exciting Events Learning is really exciting in year 3B. It was cool to code with ‘Ozobot’. We did colour coding on paper, Coding with ‘OzoBlockly’ in laptops and using Ozobot apps in iPads as well. We have learned how to do the dot paintings and the meaning of aboriginal art symbols and have created a story using the symbols with dot painting. It was amazing! Moreover we have used tessellation technic to create art. It was great! After researching about an animal, students have created a 3D habitat of their animals using recyclable materials. They were awesome! [...]

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Year 2


Feels like only yesterday we were welcoming nervous year 2 students into our classrooms and suddenly we have reached the end of the year and we begin to say goodbye to our brave and brilliant year 2 students. Our students have worked extremely hard to prepare for year 3 and we can confidently say they are ready! Just look at what our year 2 students have achieved this term in STEM. This term’s STEM project was integrated into our science program. This term’s focus was materials and their properties. Our year 2’s STEM objective was to design and build a [...]

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Year 1


Welcome to Term 4, the most busy term of the year. Masha-Allah the year has gone by very quickly and we could not have done this without the continued support of our parents! Our Sports Carnival, which is one of our most exciting school events, was held on 2 November. All students’ practiced very hard and demonstrated true sportsmanship as they represented their team factions with pride on the day. Research indicates that increase in physical activities for children results in them performing better academically. It also tells us that having positive feelings in our hearts raises our self-esteem as [...]

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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu Subhanallah the final Term of this eventful and challenging year is well under way. This term has been a very busy and productive term where our students are now Alhumdulillah ready to tackle year 1 InShaAllah. Literacy Spelling tests have been such a success this term, they have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult words and performed brilliantly throughout the testing sessions. They also really enjoy writing sessions, where they can showcase their abilities to write meaningful stories. Numeracy During Numeracy this Term, the students were challenged with ordinal numbers, positions and locations of items, time [...]

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