2022 – Term 2 [Kewdale]

Year 6


Assalamu Alaykum Dear ParentsWhat an eventful term that came along with its own set of challenges and difficulties. Alhamduillah, we have managed to persevere and tackle the challenges head on. In year 6 we focus on preparing students for high school and providing them with the necessary skills that will enable to thrive and succeed in all subject areas. Literacy The Warm-up - 10 mins Its short, its sweet, it most certainly is effective. What is now a part of our every morning routine. Students start off the morning with literacy warmups that helps develop students’ comprehension skills, [...]

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Year 5


This term, our year 5 students completed their first NAPLAN tests! We are super proud of the efforts put in from home at school, so we had to celebrate in style. Mathematics In numeracy, we have focused our minds on fractions – converting mixed and improper fractions, simplifying and finding the equivalent fraction- as well as exploring the duration of time. Prime maths has also led us down the path to describe locations using grid references on maps. Literacy This term in literacy, [...]

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Year 4


Return to School Alhamdulilah, we’ve been blessed beyond measure to kick off the term with an ease on COVID-19 restrictions. Concurrently, coming back to school with mask free faces, was the icing on the cake. Our term has been jam-packed with wonderous adventures, special guests and a rewarding learning journey. We had our Eid Festival, which was incredibly set up – Allahuma barik! Science During this term, the Year Four students have become Engineers! We have been delving into ‘the physical sciences’, focusing on forces (pull/push), gravity, air resistance, magnetism and friction. Our engineers have [...]

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Year 3


English Sharp Reading Sharp Reading is a teaching and learning framework that provides direction for students and equips them to be SHARP (efficient, cutting edge) in their understanding of reading. Sharp Reading allows students to THINK while reading in order to unpack and understand text. This is our daily morning routine since the beginning of term 1 with the year 3 students. Persuasive & Narrative Writing Persuasive Writing aims to present an idea to a reader and persuade them to agree with the writer’s point of view. Learning to write persuasively is a crucial ‘real life’ skill for [...]

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Year 2


Literacy: Reading We Can Read!​ Every day we practice reading with the SHARP reading strategy. We are now have become confident readers.​ Literacy: Writing We Can Write! We share and exchange ideas before we write our story.​ Numeracy: We Can Count! We get involved in lots of hands-on experiences to master the numeracy skills. Science: We Explore the World with Our Senses! We conducted many science experiments to help us understand how the world works.​ HASS: We have learnt about the history of Australia. [...]

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Year 1


We started Term 2 with a bang right after the blessed month of Ramadan! The Year 1s were busy learning and exploring and became more independent and responsible citizens of our school. Let us take a sneak peek on what they did this term: Eid Poster and Cards The students were extremely excited about Eid and made Eid cards for their family, friends or teachers. They created their Eid cards and posters using different words, pictures, paints, pencil, markers and crayons. The cards and posters were displayed on the classroom windows and they took a [...]

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Alhamdulillah for another wonderful term with the lovely Pre-Primaries. This term has been filled with many School Events that have enriched our term. The children have worked so hard in all aspects of their learning. It is nice to see them feeling more at ease with the nature of full-time school and excel in their social relationships. Literacy In Pre-Primary, we have adopted the PLD Approach to teaching Phonics which has really assisted in building a solid foundation of sounds. We have begun to consolidate the Letters and Sounds and at [...]


Digital Technologies Primary


A Warm Welcome Dear Parents/Guardians, Another great term has been completed by the students of AIC Kewdale primary. Some highlights to look forward to in this terms newsletter are: Hardware and Software Input, output and storage devices Infographics Digital Citizenship CoSpaces – exploring augmented and virtual reality Scratch – Coding platform Robotics Year 1 & 2 This term students continued their learning about basic computer hardware. We also looked at online safety and how to be good citizens online. Students have also used computers and started practice on the keyboard using BBC Dance mat and Typetastic. [...]

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Physical Education


Welcome to our second edition of sport news for school zine! As always we were off to a great start here at AIC Kewdale Primary, we kicked off with our sport classes where students were learning new skills in the great Aussie game of AFL! We also had a special visit from a legend AFL Muslim player Bachar Houli!! We were lucky to have Bachar come to our school and be part of our assembly and be involved in a clinic with our students. We also had many other events- Our PP students were involved in a four week AFL [...]

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