Religion Department Kewdale Primary All praise is due to Allah Ta’aala our Creator and Nourisher. With the grace and mercy of the Almighty we are quickly approaching the end of Term 3 2021. Alhamdulillah usual teaching and learning went well over the term as our students were enlightened by our wonderful teachers regarding many different topics in Islamic studies. The year 6’s in particular have learnt extensively regarding the life of Uthmaan R.A and Ali R.A and taken great lessons from their lives. Students have also progressed well in Qur’aan reading and memorisation. We were fortunate to attend and participate in [...]




AIC Primary School Library The Kewdale Primary Library is full of new and classic titles. We try to regularly update the resources in the library. Borrowing Each class is allocated a set time each week to have a library session. Students are allowed to borrow 1-2 books. We have a library bag policy. Students need to have a library bag to borrow a book. This is to keep our resources protected. Lost/Damaged Property If a book is lost or returned damaged, the school will invoice the student’s parents /carer for the cost of the book. Parents can replace the book with [...]


Year 6


KEWDALE: Assalam O Alaikum Dear Parents and Carers, We would like to Welcome you to the Term 3 2021 Edition of the Year 6 Newsletter. We are delighted by the quality work students in year 6 have shown this term. We have been very busy in the classroom conducting experiments, sharing information and diving into our units of work. What we are learning: Literacy We start every day with our literacy block, it includes our literacy warm-ups, guided reading rotations, spelling mastery/ spelling warmups and writing block. This term we are focusing on persuasive writing following [...]

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Year 5


KEWDALE: Assalam O Alaikum Dear Parents/guardians, Welcome to the Term 3 2021 Edition of the Year 5 Newsletter. We have had an amazing and productive term filled with fun and adventurous activities. Our term began with Eid -Ul-Adha and the students had an opportunity to celebrate Eid festival. We also arranged an award ceremony where Students’ achievements had also been recognised through certificates winners for values of exemplary behaviour to the academic awards. Literacy Our day starts with a one-hour Literacy block, where students revise the concepts learnt through warm-up, followed by sharp reading (students un-pack the text sentence by [...]

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Year 4


We have had an amazing year so far with so many new adventures to come. Read through to see what we have been doing in this productive 3rd term. Literacy Students in Year 4 are learning about persuasive writing. So far, students have been focussing on the 7 Steps of persuasive writing, with a focus on following the structure closely. To help students develop their writing knowledge, we have focussed on each current topics that effect the students which has increased their passion towards their writing. Students also applied their knowledge to be able to write a [...]

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Year 3


English Sharp Reading Sharp Reading is a teaching and learning framework that provides direction for students and equips them to be SHARP (efficient, cutting edge) in their understanding of reading. Sharp Reading allows students to THINK while reading in order to unpack and understand text. This is our daily morning routine since the beginning of term 1 with the year 3 students. Persuasive, Procedure and Poetry Writing Persuasive Writing aims to present an idea to a reader and persuade them to agree with the writer’s point of view. Learning to write persuasively is a crucial ‘real life’ skill for students. Some examples of [...]

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Year 2


The Year 2 Diaries! – Term 3 The Term 3 journey began with flying colours. Coming right out of EID celebrations to the exciting news of a EID festival around the corner! Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only exciting thing we done this term there was so much more to come. Eid Festival The EID festival “WAS THE BEST FESTIVAL EVER” in the kids opinions. Students got to wear their beautiful, fanciest EID clothes, and had so much fun playing with all the activities that were provided to them by the school. [...]

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Year 1


Literacy In Literacy this term we developed our 7 steps writing skills focusing particularly on persuasive writing. Our year ones also developed their phonics and reading skills in daily phonics rotations. During sentence structure, the children have been practicing writing sentences in the present, past and future tens along with the use of punctuation. Numeracy In Numeracy we explored concepts of measurement and practiced measuring items using informal units. We also continued to learn about time, focusing on o’clock and half past. We developed our understanding of addition and subtraction as well [...]

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Pre Primary


What a fantastic start we have had to Semester 2! Time has flown by so quickly and the children are almost at the end of their Pre-Primary Year. We have had an eventful Term filled with lots of learning and a couple of school events.NumeracyIn Numeracy this term, the children are learning about Indirect Measurement and Patterning. In indirect measurement, we have explored Length, Mass and Capacity. We have also began learning about Patterns, how to copy, continue and create our own patterns. The children are exploring AB, ABB and ABC patterns. We are also still consolidating our numbers and counting skills. [...]

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Term 3 in a GlimpseTerm 3 has passed so quickly and the September holidays will soon be with us. This term was filled with fun, loads of discovery, and lots of learning and new adventures. Thank you parents of our students for everything you do for your children to make them successful. Without families like yours, they would not be where they are today and also it make our work easy, thanks for your support. Eid Dress Day Eid took place in the first week of Term 3 and students had the opportunity to wear their beautiful Eid outfits to [...]


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