Term 4

High School HASS


Human Rights Day – 10.12.2021 - Spoken word Farwa Nahoori – Yr11 Politics and law Juvenile executions in Iran Exploited workers in Arabia Attacks in Myanmar And Mercury Poisoning in Japan People shouldn’t be judged because of a Kaftan Or be threatened for trying to lift the country’s hijab ban Many human rights are being violated and breached There’s a story about a girl who looked up at bombs and just screeched Because she knew that her time had reached But the tragic thing is that she hadn’t been out for months on the street. She felt like she was [...]

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Digital Technologies


Another great term has been completed by the students of AIC Kewdale primary. Our students have been actively involved in many activities this term. Some highlights to look forward to in this terms newsletter are: Using iPads Coding Minecraft Education Game creation through coding Pre-primary and Year 1 This term our Pre-primary and Year one students have been exploring iPad use, questioning and thinking about, what applications may offer and how to use them. We have been exploring, planning, devising and making digital stories, using the Art Marker App. Our students have been given the opportunity [...]

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Year 3


This term has been thrilling and rewarding for the Year 3’s.  We have been developing our social skills by working in teams during activities, and our focus has been to build positive relationships with each other both in the classroom and in the playground. In literature, we have been focusing on creating captivating stories and mesmerizing stories along with advancing our reading skill. The experiments we have carried out in mathematics and science have given the children hands on experience to build and develop their own understanding of the world we live in. LITERACY Our writing focus this term has [...]

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Year 2


We started the term with excitement, looking forward to all the new learning areas.In Maths, we began term 4 by learning to represent division as grouping into equal sets and understanding that division is repeated subtraction and multiplication is repeated addition. Through the term, we learned how to create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and how to interpret them. In addition, we learnt about fractions, namely, halves, quarters, thirds and eighths. We also learnt the features of three-dimensional objects.For writing, we have focussed on narrative texts. We wrote on a fair few topics and the most popular one among [...]

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Year 1


Term 4 has been a wonderful term for Year Ones at AIC Dianella! We have worked so hard and are feeling sad as we come to the end of the year. We are preparing for Year Two with excitement and enthusiasm. Let me convince you…. That the Year Ones are incredible persuasive writers! We have learnt all about using ‘convincing words’, ‘for’ and ‘against’, and how to convince readers with amazing reasons on many different topics. Our biggest achievement in Maths this term is that we have learnt our 2s, 5s, and 10s times [...]

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The Pre-Primary’s have had a very exciting term In HASS we have been learning about Emergency Services and Community Helpers. These are the people who help us in our community, such as the police, fire brigade, doctors, farmers, librarians and dentists. We learnt what to do and who to call in an emergency. We explored the different roles our community helpers have and who we need to go to if we need some help. We were lucky to have Nurse Gemma visit us. She taught us what happens in a hospital and the different jobs people have there, such as [...]




Kindergarten Superstars Dianella Where has the year gone? It is so hard to believe that we are now moving through our final weeks of term 4, 2021. We have observed our students display determination, persistence, and diligence in their learning. They are curious about the world around them and delight in talking about it, as well as sharing information of interest to them. They have developed positive friendships with one another, and most times are caring, kind and empathic towards each other. We love seeing Islamic values shining through our students’ personalities and behaviours. On the 15th and 16th September [...]


Principal’s Message


Dear Community, Congratulations on successfully completing another academic year. Thank you for your active participation and positive contribution to the life of our college and community. We look forward to your support and cooperation in the coming year. We have come a long way, and by the grace of Allah, our students have outdone themselves by achieving exceptional academic results whilst incorporating the Islamic moral and ethical values into their everyday learning experiences. NAPLAN RESULTS To all our NAPLAN students, a huge MashaAllah! Once again, you have displayed your exceptional skills and capabilities. The NAPLAN results [...]

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Vocational Education and Training


ALHAMDULILLAH. The Vocational Education and Training (VET) department at the Australian Islamic College have achieved 100% competency across all their year 12 courses in 2021. This is due to the hard work and persistence of the trainers to make sure that our year 12 students achieve their qualifications. I would to thank and congratulate May Elsaba, Mohamed Farish and Daniel Luxton for their efforts. With the encouragement of management, the VET department are expanding the courses available to the students. On top of what has been offered, we are introducing new courses and also training new teachers. All this is [...]

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Health and Physical Education


Asalaamu’alaykum Dear Parents and Community Members. Alhumdulilah we have had a great and successful term thus far, in the Health & P.E. department during term 4.  We have had our annual sports carnival which was initially rained out. This was an amazing spectacle. All the students were enthusiastically involved and participated with great sportsmanship. Our students have proven to be very talented in the track and field events, with many students setting record breaking times and distances in the events for Our School. A massive thank you to the P and F Committee for organising lunch for the students and [...]

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